Envisioning the Future of Perinatal Health: Join MinoFest 2023 as Vendor

Vendor submissions are open


Thank you for your interest in being a vendor at MinoFest 2023, the only conference of its kind in North American dedicated to celebrating innovations in racialized perinatal health. This unique event will bring together healthcare professionals, researchers, advocates, stakeholders, and community members passionate about improving the perinatal health outcomes of racialized communities.

Vendor Application Process

To participate as a vendor, kindly complete the Vendor Application form provided below. This form is your initial step to request a vendor spot at MinoFest 2023. Please ensure all required fields are filled accurately.

  • Application Review: After submitting your application, our team will carefully review it. We aim to create a diverse and inclusive vendor space that aligns with the conference's theme and goals.
  • Confirmation Email: Upon successful application review, you will receive a confirmation email containing the registration link and a unique code. Use this link and code to complete your official vendor registration.
  • Vendor Registration: As part of the registration process, vendors will be requested to make a monetary donation to support the conference's initiatives in advancing perinatal health for racialized communities. Further details about this process can be found in the Vendor Terms and Conditions section.