NOVEMBER 30, 2023
10AM - 4PM

Creating space for people who care about equitable perinatal and reproductive health.

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Canada’s leading conference for racialized perinatal and reproductive health

Who it's for

MinoFest is a meeting place for researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, and community-members who are focused on creating better perinatal health outcomes for racialized people.

What you'll find

A better understanding of the impact, burden and knowledge practices of racialized perinatal health care in Canada.

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2023 Speakers

What to expect from MinoFest 2023

Learn and engage with relevant topics during plenary sessions.

Keynote speeches and panel discussions focusing on vital topics and issues in racialized perinatal health

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Survey recent academic research with oral and poster presentations.

Academics, researchers, and students share new knowledge in the field of racialized perinatal health care.

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Collaborate and grow through workshops and networking events.

We want to spark collaborations and give people a chance to get hands on with the knowledge they’re learning at the MinoFest. Attend our workshops and networking events for a unique collaborative experience.

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The Transformative Power of Birth

With special guest Shan Boodram

In February 2023 we held an evening event featuring author, mother and certified sexologist Shan Boodbram to celebrate innovation in the BIPOC birth space.

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